Today I concluded Hearts of Stone and walked away more than satisfied.  Sure, all if the content takes place in Velen.  However, everything you experience is new and undiscovered.

Geralt finds himself taking the usual simple contract, which ultimately leads to him slaying a giant frog.  As he stands over the dead creature, he discovers a trail that leads to the greatest curse; immortality.  This curse finds a way to absorb the Witcher into a contract, which places his very soul on the line.

Bound by contract, Geralt undergoes multiple trails in order to satisfy the man who binds him.  These trails led him into strange altered worlds that defy death and try mend the past.  Moved by Geralt’s success, the man praises him yet feels no true happiness.  He is the man with the stone heart, undying and unfeeling.

As with all of Geralt’s journeys, a curse must be either ended by silver or ceremony.  To free both himself and the man of stone, he undertakes a challenge from the devil himself.  Should he not solve the worlds greatest riddle, by the last grain in the hourglass, Geralt dies.
Going beyond all of his abilities, the Witcher emerges victorious with both his soul and stone man’s life freed.

This adventure really does go beyond from what I expected from the normal downloadable content.  

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and it inspires you to check this out.  It’s by far my favorite DLC and will stay with me.  

There’s a whole lot in here, with just the right amount of mystery, intrigue and little bit of horror thrown in.