Such a shame that is a xbox exclusive…oh well

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Microsoft & Capcom Vancouver revealed the new gameplay trailer for Dead Rising 4: Return to the Mall (yes, that’s really the game’s title). The trailer brings players back to the Willamette Mall, where a mission to gather information goes…poorly. Between smashing through the undead in the food court, to taking some…interesting selfies, the mall is definitely a pivotal piece of Frank’s attempt to uncover the government conspiracy which was responsible for the zombie outbreak. Check out the trailer below!

Dead Rising 4 continues one of the most popular zombie-killing game franchises in gaming history by bringing players into an all new chapter, but retaining the classic mechanics of the series. Players can still avail themselves of a wide selection of vehicles & weapons, which of course can be combined in various ways to achieve different results. This iteration also promises intense action & a seriously high level of character & weapon…

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