A couple days ago, I received my paperback copy of “The Last Wish”,


which as you can see is what The Witcher videogames are based off of.  (The books came first)  

So far, I’m loving it, as it flows very similar to how “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” as it portrays each confrontation, in a way similar to the game.

 From what I understand, this isn’t the first entry in the series, apparently it is chronologically where Geralt starts his story.  

While doing that, I’m playing through Hearts of Stone, the Witcher 3 first DLC.  
How do I put this; the story, in my opinion is better than than the main quest in the regular game!  

I might be exagerating, as the main game has an ass-ton of side questing and distractions that keep you focused away from the main quest.  Maybe that’s it…