For the last two weeks I’ve had an itch to play Dead Rising again.  I have the original, the sequel and Off the Record that I want to go back to.  For the couple hours I had free today, I restarted the game with my maxed out stats and made sure I had access to the items, along with the SUV in order to rack up 72,000 zombie kill counter.  Fortunately, I can finish this so long as I keep up the pace within the allotted in 4-day counter.  (the extra mode, Overtime adds some additional time to accomplish this

The only RIGHT way to smoosh a metric fuck-ton of rotting flesh

Apparently, it takes a total of 7 hours to complete this.  Which pales in comparison to surviving seven days (12 real life hours) in Infinity Mode from the first Dead Rising.

This is gonna be a long, frustrating process.  Here goes nuthin!

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