Last month, I was coming home from work one morning and opened the front door. Normally, our 25lbs chubby brown puggle Daisy would come walking up to the door to greet me. Except I was greeted by her and a grey Yorkie about half her size, with beady brown eyes.  For a moment, I thought…I’m in the Twilight Zone, cuz we don’t have another dog and we never let one in recently.

This is the closest resemblance to Rosie, sorry I don’t have any available pictures to show, at the moment.

I called up Louie and it turns out, the dog was cowering in front of the doorstep as she was leaving for work that morning.  The poor dog was lost, with no tag or collar and simply walked and brushed up against her leg.  She felt that it had chosen her, and who wouldn’t, the dog was really friggin’ cute.

Once Louie got home, we started thinking of ways to find it’s owner.  First, it was the SPCA, which we found out that she didn’t have a chip.  Then we did flyers, social media and Craigslist ads (which were a waste of time, really).  Nothing…no one could either prove they owned her or wanted to take her in.

Maybe I should’ve put this up on Craigslist, as we kept getting emails about “owners” of Rosie.  None had ANY proof of ownership!

So we took her in, not knowing what to do next.  Mostly, she was a great dog around the house and warmed up to the family almost instantly!  Louie and Grace, loved her so much; Grace (our 4yr old) named her Rosie Cozy.

However, we noticed that Rosie had issues with fear and would tend to cower and hide.  This lead to difficuties having her go to the bathroom and ultimately accidents in the house.  Also, Daisy was not getting along with her and the two would fight over food and sometimes bed space.  These things were making her stay to be difficult but managable.  Until she ran into the busy street last week…

When bolted out into the road, she almost caused a multicar accident on a two-lane street. This led our neighbor (who is normally pretty friendly to us), to yell at my wife for almost causing that accident outside.  After a talk with the neighbor and with Louie, we decided it was time to give her up.

Luckily, we found a no-kill shelter that could take her in and help her find a new family.  Louie couldn’t bring herself to take her and Grace, had become so attached to her, that we had to tell her that we’d found her original family.  (Telling her that would’ve made it much easier for her to understand Rosie leaving)

When I got there, I was pretty much told to wait outside and was told to “wait until our dog person will see you”.  But it looked as though they weren’t going to be able to take her that day.  By sheer irony or just crazy good luck, the dog expert there said that she knew someone who wanted a Yorkie.  It turned out that the owner of the local bakery was the same that made our wedding cake almost 5 years ago!!

Talk about a crazy coincidence!!



A couple hours later, we met up with the baker’s family.  Rosie warmed up to them almost instantly; which is pretty much what happened with us.  I really didn’t need to ask, “Do you want to have as part of your family?!”  Everything seemed to come together that evening and it only got better.

As we waited for Rosie to get her inoculations and paperwork to be finished, her husband Rob, began talking about work and what do as our daily.  He and I ended up having a ton in common and we ended up doing some business networking and it looks like I may have a new job opportunity with his company!

Fingers are crossed like you cannot believe and with how everything went from one month ago to today, seems more than coincidental.  Capitalizing on this, I made a stop into the their bakery and bought a birthday cake for my wife.  (Who had her’s the next day) and took Grace and Louie out to Don Pablo’s.  Overall, a phenomenal night and can’t remember one day that went so smoothly.