Over the last week, my 4-yr old daughter Grace got invited to 4 birthday parties!



Yep, so you can imagine where how we’re gonna figure out doing gifts…

The first one was this Saturday and my lucky ass, just fresh from work, came home to my lady being sick.  (Thankfully, it was a sinus infection or everybody was gonna get the bug eventually)

Obviously, it ended up with me and Grace going to the party.  Which was nice, because the weather finally decided to let up and not be f*ckin’ 108 degrees in Realfeel.  (Temp/Humidity/Everything else)  She was pretty cute; she wanted to carry her friends present all the way to the picnic area.  (She’s 4, so yeah, friggin’ CUTE)

Once we were there, she b-lined to all of her friends and nearly threw the present to the girl’s mom, hugging all of her friends.  After a quick bite to eat, we headed over to the horseshoe pit, where the girls played in the sand.  For 4yr olds, sand will keep them busy for a WHILE!

Just when I thought they were gonna spend all day in the sand, Grace bolted with her friends to the playground.  She then scaled the rock climbing wall like that damn alien from Men in Black!

I was like, DAAAAAMNN!!

Three minutes later, she ran over to the seven-foot tall rock climbing wall and went up it like g’damn ninja!  She was soo proud, that she started dancing at the top!  You know damn well, I wanted her down at that point!

Regardless, my eyes are ON HER ALL THE TIMES, cuz she’ll be doing this before you know it!