Article: The 50 Best Video Games of All Time

This outta be good!! TIME magazine’s putting on its big kid gloves now!!

The 50 Best Video Games of All Time


4 thoughts on “Article: The 50 Best Video Games of All Time

    1. The list isn’t BAD, it’s just how it was ranked. I’d look at it more like a great list of games to play. Tetris would NOT be my #1 and Resident Evil 4 wouldn’t be #40something.


      1. I feel the list is made by somebody who thinks they are elite, but being weirdly inclusive.

        There is no conceivable way Oregon trail is still a good game. NFL2K5??? Any sports game, the best version is always the latest.

        Also, more than one a franchise SCOFF, and then having Super Mario Bros 1!

        Very FPS heavy too.

        But yeah, it isn’t a BAD list. But us very strange, and kinda all over the place.

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        1. Yo! I like me some Oregon Trail!!! Who doesn’t like squirrel huntin’, fording rivers on a raft and watching all of family die before your very eyes. Certainly not me!
          Agree on the latest and FPS heavy bit, but then again that’s all that “big” still.

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