For about a month or so, I’d been trying to get Louie to watch “Stranger Things”.  Which is a Netflix series (preview link above) that takes inspiration from the 80s’ ET/X-Files/Stephen King and packs it into a nice little 8-episode series.  (A second season has yet to be announced)

Admittedly, she wasn’t interested as she was in the middle of a Star Trek: The Next Generation binge watch.  (Where I would always give John Madden side comments whenever I’d be hanging out and watching it with her.)  Two weeks later, she caved in and we watched in about two to three days.

Put simply, its was an amazing show and brought a ton of old memories from childhood years!  Watch this shit, it’s good!

Another thing I noticed, we were GETTING BUSY on the regular following a few episodes.  As in, we added sex scenes to the show.  Gotta say Netflix, the price jump from 7.99 to 9.99 was well worth it, when the added bonus is lots of sex!!!  Love you, Louie!

Next up!  Orange is the New Black!