I saw this coming a mile away. Konami thought that the mobile/casino route was the best business decision they ever made. YEAH….RIGHT!! Good job, you’ve burned all of your bridges!


So at Gamescon in Germany this week Konami dropped this little trailer…

Official Metal Gear Survive Trailer

…what in gods names is that all about?!?

First of all I want to break down a little theory on how I think the game play might pan out…

It’s called survive… So I’m guessing (along with the fact they have stated it won’t be a full price game) that it’s going to be a ground zero sized game with the main aim being to survive what the game throws at you.

I think it’s also easy to presume you need to gather and craft items and shelters to do this (based on the knife stick we saw and the caged off area our 4 survivors have barricaded themselves into) there is more than likely going to be a time frame to do this in too, again presumed from the trailer that from…

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