A couple years back, I’d finished Final Fantasy XIII and it left me with a pretty sour taste in my mouth.  (I puked a little in my mouth watching the ending…so yeah.)  Those that finished it, shared that same feeling.  Beloved characters were left in limbo and there wasn’t really a finite ending to a game that is supposed to be “FINAL” (Square-Enix seriously needs to get a real understanding that damn word)

Sure enough, we got a sequel in the form of FFXIII-2.  So I popped this baby in, hoping to get a true continuation and conlusion to the story.  Nope!!!!!  I got hours and hours and hours of time paradoxes and alternate universes of boring gameplay.

I’ll be honest, Final Fantasy XIII-2 NEVER grew on me.  The characters Noel and Serah are almost completely new to the story.  (Serah is a f*cking person in cystal stasis for almost all of the first entry, save for the flashbacks.)  Here, she doesn’t provide much more likable qualities than before and Noel, well he’s just as dull as a butter knife.  (He’s pretty much a carbon copy hero, trying to protect a person…blah blah blah.)  He would’ve been interesting if he’d not been so two-dimensional.  (I know, I shouldn’t talk…I’m not writing for a AAA title nor am I qualified in how to design a better game.)

Also, word of advice, if you hated the battle system from the previous game…just add monster companions and that’s XIII-2 in a nutshell.  Fair warning.

At one point, I got stuck and realized, this game was going no where.  So…F*ck it!  I stopped playing it, went on IGN’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 wiki guide and searched for the next step forward.  Then it hit me, why don’t I just skip the bullshit, watch the videos, endings and save myself the grief.  MY GOD!  I’m so glad I did!  Cuz this is what I saw at the end of it…

Yep!!!  I’d have to admit though.  The normal ending wasn’t bad, I did like the twist, despite my dislike of the FFXIII-2 main characters.  The alternate endings were pretty good and probably would’ve been satisfied with seeing it any of those ways.

Regardless, I now have the last game in the trilogy to go through.  FFXIII: Lightning Returns.  For this, I’m going to ford the river and just finish the game regularly.