This is what was here before Pokemon Go! Anybody out there doing Geocaching before it came around?

My wife and I set up quite a few geocaches throughout our state, as one of her job assignments. It had us locate and find railroad themed locations, using coordinates. I have to admit, we really had a lot of fun doing that!! Perhaps we need to get back to it. It’s been 5 years since then and we now have a 4 year old daugther. Once this heat lets up, we can do some Geocaching!
Ironically, Geocaching is gonna become a huge thing now, if Pokemon Go! continues to succeed! As that is pretty much geocaching without the coordinates.


Legos were the first way I bonded with my son. I would help him sort through his almost thousand-piece Star Wars sets, organizing them by color, shape, and size, and page-by-page, we’d work through the multiple booklets and put together some flying fighter contraption which lived on his bookshelf until we moved.

As a voracious reader, my son preferred fantasy/science fiction while my brain insisted it didn’t stretch in that direction. Hundreds of people suggested Harry Potter as a mother/son compromise. I dipped my toe in the magical world with the audiobook and the British accents were as magnetic as the story captivating. More than anything, it united my son and me, giving us adventures to discuss together. I read all 7 books but when he moved onto superhero movies even though I watched them all, he could tell it was a struggle. At once we used to play video…

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