Today, we had to make a trip to buy a bean bag chair off of someone from craigslist.

(Yay!! We didn’t get robbed!)

After that we headed to a usual spot for us, the local orchard.  Which is a pretty cool place as the prices are reasonable for the playground.  Halfway into watching Grace, I made sure Louie was watching her and I got sucked into Pokémon GO!  

Honestly, I needed the distraction, as the heat was f*cling unbearable and she was starting to tire me out.  After sitting a couple minutes, I realized that I had a few monsters hiding around.  I caught a few, then nothing.

Grace then found a couple other kids to play with and began chasing a few boys.  Obviously, I stayed close and made sure she was being careful and everything.  After that, I found like 8 or 9!  AWESOME!

Personally, I wouldn’t normally do this, but there was such a large area for her run around that I felt it was cool.  To think that folks are doing this shit and are seriously neglecting their parenting with their children is distrurbing!

So, anyone have any moments of reprieve for kids, life, THE HEAT, etc???

How about some signs of serious neglect that you’ve seen since the surge of Pokémon GO!  Feel free to share about it below.