Hey everyone, I’d figure I would share my feelings on everything that has been happening in regards to the Black and Blue/Black Lives and All Lives Matters issues.  Also, I’d like to go over a few other incidents in recent days that have been coming out about gun violence, in our country.  I know, this isn’t my usual thing, but we all are aware of what is occurring and IT IS TERRIBLE!!

Before I start, I’m a gun owner, whose always had a love of them and enjoy shooting them on occassion at the range!  This goes back to my days in the service and continues to this day!  However, I’ve always had a strong standing on the gun control problems, that occur in my country.  (The United States, obviously!)

Most of all, what I’m seeing as our primary issue is, not the amount firearms sold in our country; it’s how we as civilians are NOT demonstrating proper control of them.  Now these incidents in Louisiana, Dallas and Minnesota aren’t solely based on gun control and usage of force for law enforcement; it’s a overall misconception of how we view our man or woman that WE DO NOT KNOW.

First, I’ll go over the issues hitting our streets and what is hurting our communities.  Then I’ll elaborate on usage of force and what is wrong ON BOTH SIDES of “the blue curtain”.   Last, I’ll talk about a few ideas on how we can better our communities, handle our weapons and address a few of the variable that are hurting America, more than anything.

“Why can’t we all just along!?”, it was a profound statement made by Rodney King over twenty years ago.  Yet, he was right, despite how he’s perceived by the public.  Hatred is another woman/man’s excuse for one’s jealously, because someone has it better or gets something.  It isn’t about religion, race, disabilities or personal issues.


Wars, tragedies, crimes, abuse and discrimination is all based upon how we perceive people!!!!  HOW STUPID IS THAT?!  

Now when it comes to policing, I’m going to straight with you, on what I know FROM EXPERIENCE.  Let’s just say before I starting writing here, I’ve had a few occupations that got me very familiar with both how modern policing is going and were it’s NOT improving.

Policing these days is for the most part not as community oriented, as it should be.  There are some communities that have got it right, others are better and then you have those that are just a pot cooking oil left low on the stove.  The latter “seems” to be that officers aren’t encouraged to remain fair in their observations during a patrol.  Why should an officer pay more attention to someone whom is black that is hanging out on a corner for 30-plus minutes; than a woman, well-dressed white man or ANYBODY else.  Perhaps we aren’t encouraging officers and public servants, to suspend their judgements and go on the FACTS that they observe.  (I can’t remember how many times during training I would hear, “JUST STATE THE FACTS!”) Yet it should go beyond stating and more of a practice.

Honestly, this isn’t happening everywhere and is not the standard for officers and people of the law enforcement community.  We spend far too much time being polically correct and stepping on people’s toes based on their demographics and not just on them being a person.  I’m all for the saying, “ALL LIVES MATTER!”  C’mon!  It’s common fucking sense!

If you’re a nice person, you should be treated as such.  You’re asshole…karma should come back and bite you in the ass!  I assume, you get the point.  Regardless, we have to stop judging people off of shit we don’t know.  Much like, what has perpetuated this whole social movement, it’s about making the right decisions and taking personal accountability for the wrong ones.  Especially, after you just killed another human being!  Everyone should be put through the same judicial process, civilian and public service members!

(Albiet, there has to be special care taken into account for those that guys, as they can be a target in a general population, while in custody)

Another thing we have to remember is, we have to learn to stop being so reactive to EVERY incident and take the time to realize, that WE DON’T KNOW ALL THE FACTS.

Next entry, I’ll talk more on issues in regards to gun control and gun violence!

Feel free to discuss openly about how everything that has been going on recently.  These are very frustrating times for EVERYONE.