Even though a large majority are aware of our surroundings while playing Pokemon GO! Here are some things that we should ALL KNOW!
I’m not normally super serious, but this guy does give you some good words to go by for parents and everyone sandwiched in between!

get off my lawn

MrDue's View from the Mats

Pokémon Go is sweeping the nation at speeds I never imagined.  However, I have already seen and heard that people, while trying to “catch them all” have done some pretty stupid things. I am sure that all the Darwin Awards given this year will be to GO players that obsessed with looking at their screen instead of being aware of their safety.  If you are going to GO; GO safely.  Remember, video games are great, but being safe is IMPORTANT.

1) Keep your head UP. First and foremost, keep your head up.  You cannot be aware of even the simplest dangers, like walking into something, if your head is always fixed on your phone.  Moreover, keeping your head down on your phone makes you far more prone to being attacked because you can be surprised.  No matter whether you are texting or playing GO, when you are walking around in…

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