The easiest way to get hit by a bus! – Pokemon GO!!

Hey everyone, long time no see!  I’m not going to go into how back to my normal activity, as its been a long recovery these last few weeks.  Honestly, it was the first surgeory I’ve had ever and it sucked!  But I’m doing much better and probably feeling about 80% back to normal.

Yesterday, Louie surpised me with a fairly awesome birthday party with a taco bar and margaritas!!  It was pretty nice to have family over and not feel like absolute shit for once!

During the party, a few of my family members kept going on about Pokemon GO!  Which I knew was coming out and was supposed to be a HUGE release…BUT HOLY HELL!!  If you haven’t heard about it yet, or played it, ya might want to pick your head outta the sand, Mr/Ms Ostrich.

From what I got from the conversation and watching them walking around aimlessly on occassion to find new Pokemon, I realized that Mr Miyamoto and the guys at Nintendo, are beyond genius!  Combining the addictive nature of Pokemon and actual geocaching is AMAZING!!  (This coming from the guy whom hasn’t even played it YET!)

Personally, I love the fact that Nintendo is getting people OUTSIDE to experience not only their product but the REAL world!!

Yep, TOTALLY WORTH catching him!  SOURCE

Recently, I read an article that had to do with Nintendo’s reluctance to merge into the virtual reality market due to being a possible hazards to children.  Not only did this reaffirm to me that Nintendo RESPECTS its fans and families BEYOND profits and marketing; it hinted to me that they had something better in mind!  I got this from a statement, in the article that was released from Nintendo which mentioned that they were more interested in alternate reality THAN virtual reality.  At first, I was wondering what the hell Nintendo was smoking, but NOW we know!


Pokemon Go! has to be the first taste we have at ALTERNATE REALITY!!




6 thoughts on “The easiest way to get hit by a bus! – Pokemon GO!!

  1. The outside world is a dangerous place. That’s why I prefer to stay indoors watching anime. The best/worst Pokemon Go story I have heard was a kid finding a corpse floating in a river whilst searching for water types.

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    1. Yeah, I’d heard that as well, during the party last night! Honestly, I really love the idea that Pokemon Go has. It’s just gotta adjust itself more to REALITY for it truly successful.
      Inside we do feel safe, but it’s beyond what we can see with our eyes outside is where life becomes so much more amazing!
      Fear is only in the mind! Take it from someone who used to do nothing but stay inside for years!

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  2. The biggest thing Pokemon GO is doing is generating a lot of peculiar events, such as the trespassing and hordes of people walking outside. Although the negative events are truly horrible, the positive events have been so heartwarming. There are so many people coming together for the sake of this app, and these shared experiences are making this app worth it.

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    1. Thank you! I am feeling much better! Lol, today caught a butterfree while waiting for my niece as she went into the bank. I was aiming my camera in the direction of the car next to me.
      There was someone inside on the passenger side and I’m fairly certain she was tripping balls and thought I was taking a video of her! Regardless, I ended up catching it by bouncing the ball off of the car. Don’t ask me how the hell it happened. Shit you not, it did!

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