This is a overall culmination of how I feel about the Resident Evil 7 demo. An EXCELLENT article!!! If you’re a Resident Evil or Survival Horror fan, I highly recommend you read it!

Lucy's In-Game Files

imagesA man walking past a doorway in the Resident Evil 7 trailer.

Last week, video game publisher CAPCOM premiered the first trailer for the latest entry in its beloved Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 7.  The majority of the trailer focuses on the decrepit remains of a supposedly haunted (and supposedly abandoned) Southern American plantation house.  The trailer also features footage of a figure in a wheelchair, three men (including an unseen cameraman) making their way through the house, a figure with long hair standing outside of the house, assorted rotting body parts, a man walking past a doorway, a man dragging a body with another hoisted over his shoulder, and some sort of moss-like substance that spreads over whatever it’s touching at a rapid rate. Most mysterious of all is the man’s voice heard near the beginning of the trailer.  He says, “She’s back,” suggesting that perhaps fans…

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