Well everyone, I’m back at it!

With plenty of pent-up energy from taking a much needed vacation. (Which was a serious need!) Expect a lot of the great content you remember and more!
First on my agenda is the decision to change the title of the blog to “1st-hand accounts in Fatherhood and Gaming!”
After all, what I play and experience is my first-hand account! NOT a review, NOT a news bulletin and the same shit you read somewhere else two minutes ago! NOTHING has changed about the content, its simply a better way for readers to understand WHAT IT IS I WRITE!

Say whattt??? – SOURCE

Yup, always was that way and always will!

Second, I’ve decided to keep a schedule on posting material. I’ll try to keep the entries fairly consistent, but I make no promises.  Also, be mindful that my reblogs are not intended to be just fillers between content.


Lastly, you can look forward to seeing some slides of my PS4 gaming exploits, in the near future!  This will be my way of abridging stories on those longer sandbox and RPGs.  They will be much more entertaining than your family reunions, sitting on the sofa watching slideshows.

ONE LAST THING!!!  Just wanted to give a belated Happy Father’s Day word to all you dads out there!!

We are far too underappreciated!!  Just because we didn’t carry them into this world, doesn’t mean we don’t carry them THROUGH this world!  We work hard to make sure our sons and daughters are the best reflection of who we are and hopefully greater!.

With that said, I’m back in action!

Like Action Jackson! – SOURCE