Unhappy about how Dead Rising 3 turned out?! Personally, I LOVED THE GAME!!!! If he’s referring to sales. Maybe they should’ve released it for PS4 and PC and guess what, YOU COULD’VE GOTTEN THREE TIMES THE SALES. Simple math and all.
Anyhoo, SUPER excited about these teaser screens for a possible DEAD RISING 4. Frank is back; sooo AWESOME!


Ahead of Microsoft’s E3 press conference tomorrow, NeoGAF has posted numerous leaked screens from Capcom’s upcoming installment in the Dead Rising franchise, Dead Rising 4.

In the screens, which can be seen below, a hero that looks suspiciously like the main character from the first Dead Rising, Frank West, can be seen. A sign for Williamette, the mall where the first game took place, can also be found. There’s also an apparent Christmas theme happening in Dead Rising 4, with the town at the center of the game outfitted completely in Christmas lights and seasonal decorations.

More details will be announced during Microsoft’s E3 press conference tomorrow, but Dead Rising 3 game director, Mike Jones, previously said that he wasn’t happy with how the third game turned out. Jones added that based on the success of Dead Rising 3‘s multiplayer mode, that was something they wanted…

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