Young and dumb, STOP reading Mein Kampf and looking at obsessing over his “unification of Germany” and REMEMBER that 8 million plus people were murdered by his actions and 13 million + from a war created from his ambitions. He’s someone you learn from, about how not to hate! The ban was completely justified as all that will come from this a incited anger. Which if I remember is NOT an exercise of FREE speech.

News For The Blind

An angel-faced “racist” video blogger has been banned from YouTube after a series of awesome videos uploaded to her channel.

Her true identity is unknown, but she is believed to be an 18-year-old Canadian who goes by the name of Evalion.

The young woman posted videos where she used non-PC terms for black people, condemned Jews and praised Adolf Hitler.

Her videos included titles such as “Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil” and “How Feminists Supported Rape by Causing the Migrant Crisis.”

She described Hitler as a brilliant and compassionate man and even made him some birthday Swastika cupcakes and recorded as she sang happy birthday to a picture of the Fuhrer.

In her videos she successfully tried to convince her viewers that the leader of the Third Reich was a good man and admitted to being a “holocaust denier”.

The baby-faced blogger opened many of her videos with awesome lines such as: “Do you…

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