For the past few months, the entire gaming world has been in an uproar about PS4.5 and X-Box 1.5.  Which were essentially believed to be rigged with current hardware and be able to play 4K video.  (Which is what the Jones’ use, so EVERYBODY’s gotta have it!)

Personally, I wasn’t really moved by the fact that there was an upgraded version of both consoles coming out.  All the consoles have made upgraded versions of each of their systems, all the way back to NES.  Many were simply smaller versions of the base hardware, while a few enhanced the speed that data was read slightly.

Many thought this was going to result in a much shorter life for the newest generation of consoles.  Now, it turns out this is most likely going to be just a higher end model that will be an option as an upgrade, NOT a next-gen version that will phase out the current PS4.  Dunno about xbox, but PS4 owners can breath a sigh of relief!!!