Honestly, I’m kind of under the same feeling, as this guy is about E3. Anybody excited about the show this year?!

Shiny New Cartridge

2560475-dsc01614 Seriously, I’m very glad I have both. They both have games you have to play.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up. Really. I don’t want to buy a new console, most of the really big titles do nothing for me (don’t care about Call of Duty, Gears of War, Battlefield, Titanfall, FIFA, Madden, Elder Scrolls, etc.), and I still think VR is going to crash and burn harder than the Ouya.

But there is enough going on to hold my interest nonetheless, and big two of the console world (sorry, Nintendo) both show what’s up for the next year this coming Monday.

From Microsoft (930am PDT/SNCTime) there’s a pretty good chance we’ll hear about a slim version of the consoler—rumoured to include a redesigned controller as well. Gears of War will apparently be talked about. But all I care about is the presumed announcement of Forza Horizon 3…

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