Liked this game on PS2, now that I know it’s gotten a visual overall, its worth my attention and probably most JRPG fans out there!

Shiny New Cartridge

OSL_main The game is every bit as visually stunning as the art here.

I love JRPGs, though I tend to be rather rotten at them. I enjoy them more as a story than as some tough-as-nails proof of my gamer worthiness. I want to make that clear right at the front.

Because Odin Sphere Leifthrasir can be any of those things: tough JRPG, lush, visual story, or anywhere in between. The Atlus-published, Vanillaware-developed remake of the fabled PS2 classic, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir ticks just about every box anyone could be looking for in an adventure game.

First of all, no conversation about this game should go very far without talking about the graphics. In short, they’re stunning, and that’s just looking at the Vita version. When I initiated the handy cross-save feature, I was once again blown away to play this title on the PS4. Simply put, it’s all a visual…

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