Back on the topic of gaming!  Recently, I picked up the indie title, “My Night Job!”  Not sure, if this was a popular game on Steam or PC or anything, but it’s new to me.

Playing it was fairly cut and dry.  You play as some D-bag, whose wasting his time away like Al Bundy, flipping channels at 1AM.  He sees an ad to join mercenaries, in order to make some fast cash…RIIIIIGHT.  As expected, your buddies fly you over to a mansion that’s infected with monsters and kick your ass outta the chopper.

Needless to say, you’ve been dicked over and have to survive the monsters inside.  Basically, you have to survive the game, save 100 survivors and prevent your merc buddies from nuking the mansion due to over-infestation.


The playthroughs on this are fairly smooth!  It has that whole, old school arcade game feel to it, with a nice SNES look to it.  It was pretty easy to play and definitely works well as a cut-to-the-chase kind of game.  Action is fast and once I realized what some of the things were in the mansion, it made replaying it even more addictive.

I loved how I felt after finishing a run-thru and getting a higher score.  There hasn’t been a game where I cared about the scoreboard like that in a while.  Honestly, it’s just good mindless fun!

This bad boy is about 10 bucks on Xbox One and PS4, it’s well worth it, for those quick hour gaming sessions.

This game is TOTALLY not like REAL LIFE graveyard shift! (shown above)