This evening me and Louie were hanging out and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Oddly enough, this was the episode that many fans cringed on, in its early years.  The episode is called, “The Skin of Evil”, which also just happens to be the episode Tasha Yar dies in.  For some reason, it had always been one of those creatures that scared me when I was 10 years old.  I never understood then and every time it would air.

When the episode ended, I’d admitted to Louie that I’d bothered me before and I’d finally realized why.  Back then, I remember seeing the horror movie “The Blob”, which was about…a blob.  If it touched you, it would kill you instantly, which had clearly scared the shit out of me back then.  Regardless, it made up for some funny pokes at me and reminded me of what I’d been missing.  It was my love, Louie.

This was nice; it felt like the days before marriage and children.  It was a comfort I haven’t felt in long time.