Not Good with my Hands

Following a couple days off, I finally up and decided to assemble our grill for the back porch.  Figuring this was going to be 2-hour assembly, at best, turned out to be a 4 hour hassle.

This was mainly because the instructions carried no instructions, words wise and when strictly off of pictures.  Sounds easy, huh?  Not so much, when you have 6 different types of screws, washers, wingnut, etc., etc.  It also didn’t help that it was damn near 90 degrees today, which just made me grab for water every hour or so.

Once the second hour had passed, Louie and Grace came home.  (which I already felt disappointed because I wanted it done, so we could make dinner with it.)  Regardless, it turned out to be not as frustrating for the rest of the time.    Grace got plenty of time outside, and ended up getting Louie soaked with the garden hose, while she was tending to her new garden.  They ended up playing, getting each other wet, while I watched from the porch.  (Diligently working on getting the grill done.)  By sundown, I had to quit, leaving the grill 3/4 done.  I’d wish this would’ve taken less time to finish.

Oddly enough, an episode of The Simpsons was playing.  Homer was getting doted on by Marge, about him not being a handyman.  (For those that don’t know, Homer’s projects just end up falling apart.)  To remedy this, Homer ends up watching YouTube tutorials to fix things around the house.  The rest of the episode is just pure comedy, as are most of the shows, considering they been on since 1989!

But got me thinking, I need to start assembling a better tool kit and start learning how fix things myself.  I won’t be able to do a lot in regards to home improvement, as we still rent, but at least I could start getting the right tools ready.

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