I’ve decided to give up on the numbers…that how many come here.  For such a long time, I’d narrow band my thoughts into, how many visited me today, who’s liked my stuff and what page was reblogged.   While many of these things are beneficial to a page’s growth; it’s also a microcosm of BULLSHIT!!

Would I like to have my own site, with a name, personalized URL, eventual beneficial properties and finally jump-starting a writing career?  I would… But I’m missing the point here.  I have my frequent readers and some returning visitors, my family and friends.  THAT IS WHAT SHOULD MATTER!!!!

It’s great to advertise, but with the way things are today…fuck it all to hell.  Marketing is a commodity owned by those with “coin in their purse”, not by social abilities of human communication.  There are some out there, but for the most part…Good luck.

Honestly, I’m a numbers kind of man; I tunnel vision on it and think of strategy of improvement and NEVER about being content.  I’m going to try to change that, I have to.  The numbers will consume my passion for writing, which is the true HEART and SOUL here, not the prosperity of my E-Penis, I mean webpage.  I’ve noticed that you guys really liking the content out there; no just thumbs up click icon, but the genuine feeling!!  This reflects back to me, more than you know.  So, I’m gonna steadily be more real with you.

The thoughts I had before were poisonous, ebbing away my will to create.  I know MANY of you writers out there that put thoughts onto paper or keyboard knows; that it hurts to the core.

However, you’ll still see the reblogs, music and artist shares; which are really my way of sharing the things I enjoy with you guys.

My community and my family are the most important thing to me.