Facebook is no longer a place people can freely advertise, express themselves or speak freely! They are closing/freezing/censoring accounts for doing just that! It’s a shadow of it’s former self and is run by higher powers and no longer by the people. Just the other day, I displayed Apterus as my featured artist. Apparently, he had his Facebook account closed by the company. Now, if you read the feature, you’d know that his work is dark, yet a free expression of his feelings. No one is being harmed or discriminated upon; it’s just art. This article here is another reason I don’t go on Facebook. Personally, I use it to strictly keep in touch with family and friends. Facebook has become something more disturbing by the day. Keep censoring and you will steadily lose the support of the people, Facebook.

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Facebook has been forced to backtrack after it banned an Australian ad featuring a bikini-clad plus-sized model promoting positive body image, initially saying the photo’s depiction was “undesirable”.

The social networking giant blocked the ad for Melbourne’s “Cherchez La Femme: Feminism and Fat” gathering, saying the image violated its advertising guidelines.

When organisers questioned the decision, the Facebook Ads Team wrote back saying the ad did not comply with their health and fitness policy because “the image depicts a body or body parts in an undesirable manner”.

“Ads like these are not allowed since they make viewers feel bad about themselves,” said the letter to organiser Jessamy Gleeson, who posted a screen-shot of it online.

Gleeson said she was stunned that Facebook “seemingly has no idea that plus-sized, self-describing fat women can feel great about themselves”.

She urged followers on the platform to “rage hard at anyone who tries to…

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