Valve still doesn’t care about you!


Here is the reason why I cannot stand Valve!!!  Don’t get me wrong, their games are great, quality wise.  But why the hell, do they sit down so long for game development.  Is it because they have enough money from the Steam business or just they like to play head games with their fans.  Here is a link to an article, that shares my frustration with all Valve fans.



2 thoughts on “Valve still doesn’t care about you!

  1. I didn’t read the linked article in depth, but rather quickly browsed it. I actually disagree with what I read. (In my opinion) Valve is under no obligation to release Half Life 2: Episode 3 or Half Life 3. They haven’t taken any money for it, nor have they announced that they are working on it or even will be working on it in the future. Valve has produced multiple high quality series of games; Half Life, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Counter Strike, and Team Fortress. They have kept their audience wanting more, rather than saturating the market such that their audience gets bored. I’m sure you are aware of response of the new Call of Duty game trailer.

    As per meeting dead lines. Time and time again, we’ve seen companies trying to rush game developments to meet dead lines. In these cases the result is a broken, and sometimes unplayable, game. I’d rather prefer that the companies take time to complete the project rather than rush to meet the deadlines. One of the biggest examples of this is the 1982 ET Atari game, which was developed in 5.5 weeks, to meet the Christmas rush.

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    1. I’m fully in agreement with you! Valve does put out the quality and supports their fans with graphics tools, long term game support and good quality games. However, it’s their activity in how often that happens. With Half Life, they should’ve just finished what they started. I can’t think of a title they’ve produced that wasn’t fun or kept me coming back. Personally, I never truly got into Counterstrike. (Which technically wasn’t created by them, right?!) But I liked Global Offensive!

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