All I’ve been recently is tired.  I haven’t had any motivations to write, nor have gotten ANY inspiration.  This probably a slump or just a bad week.  I don’t know…I’d like to keep you guys entertained and sharing good stories, art, music, gaming and life experiences; yet for some reason.  I’VE GOT NO MOTIVATION!!!

The week has been fairly shitty, with me getting nothing but negative feedback from all directions.  (I’m not going to elaborate)  Last week, I practically had barely any chance, nor do anything productive.  Followed along with me being an irritable son of a bitch personally, has not helped.

I’ll be doing some posting here and there, mostly reblogs and promo’s for everybody else.  Hell, I may just take a break overall; but I have a vacation coming up, next month so I might do it then.  I’m loving the FANTASTIC comments you guys are putting out there!!  It does reignite my flames!!!  Just need to take a breather.