Like the updates, this guys is doing on the Resident Evil series! I follow news about RE as much as possible, but it seems he’s got a better hold on the buzz. If you’re interested, follow the page!

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downloadResident Evil Update will be a new monthly article I will write that will compile many important Resident Evil related news stories into one publication. So, here we go!



Resident Evil 7 rumors are appearing everywhere with very strong sources to back them up. The rumors are all saying the same thing: A complete, 100%, clean slate Reboot.

Capcom reportedly will be rebooting the series. New characters, New Locations, New Content, completely new universe. Part of the rumor also states that Capcom is intending to bring back the long abandoned “Fixed Angle” camera to the franchise starting with 7, and may possibly drop the “behind the back” standard that Capcom has employed since Resident Evil 4. Much of the design behind Resident Evil 7 is reportedly being influenced on the successful sales of both the Resident Evil HD port and the Resident Evil Zero HD ports, as…

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