This is what makes gaming experiences so AMAZING!! How each game affects us differently and that there are all moments of emotional impact that hit us. “ZainsGaming” writes about this, which hit me pretty good.
You see, gaming is much more IMMERSIVE than a TV show, movie, piece of art, music or book. Sure those types of media have their way of being profound and amazing. But games just are something in their own category.
For instance, I’m aware of the ongoing argument of classifying videogames as an art form. Do I believe they are?! No, I actually believe that they are a different delivery system and impact us, in a much more advanced way.
Sure, I understand that it’s a form of artistic interpretation, but it’s HOW it delivery is given to us and the way we respond to it, is what makes it so unique!!
Be sure to check out the rest of his site, I’m liking this and it’s certainly giving me more motivation, to pick me back up!


I am not someone who gets emotionally attached to things like books, movies, or even video games. Any time I am reading / watching / playing something, I am very much aware that it is not real, and this allows me to distant myself from what is going on in front of me. Sure, I laugh at jokes and funny moments, and get frustrated at certain situations, but there’s nothing more than that. Even in my daily life, I tend to go with what is logical rather than go with my emotions. However, my wife, a complete opposite of me, cries at everything. It is very common for me to look at her when she’s reading a book or watching a movie or listening to some song, with tears streaming down her face. One of the most prominent examples of this was when we went to see Harry Potter and…

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