The Geekquisitor wrote a really good article and I had to respond to it!
After reading it, scroll down to read my response to the article. It’s quoted below.

“Honestly, after reading, viewing and playing enough fiction. I EXPECT endings to be bad, disappointing and underwhelming. Now you might call me cynical, but here is the twist. I look at the OVERALL EXPERIENCE. Fiction is like a rollercoaster ride, your unsure when you first started reading it. Then it was a f*cking thrill-ride during all the loops, swoops, rises and drops. Then you get to the end where the ride has to end. You descend slowly back to the operator booth and leave. That is the feeling I’m looking for. I was NOT always like that, but as I’ve gotten further along in life, I’ve realized that kind of old thinking left me cynical and unmotivated. Enjoy it for what it is, and if you get a great ending. THUMBS UP! HELL YEAH!”

The Geekquisitor


Oh Mass Effect 3, how I loathe thee. Even after three years, this game is still a sore spot for me. Easily the best game of the series, it quickly turned into a giant mess of “what the fuck is this shit” in the last half hour of the game’s story. To the point that the entire series has been ruined for me. Deus Ex Endings are obnoxious. Is Bioware accountable to me as a consumer of their product when it fails to deliver on their promises, and in some aspects lied about how the game will end? Do I deserve a refund from EA for the A, B, C ending Hudson promised wouldn’t be in the game? The game was advertised as a story that would be impacted by the choices you make, which arguably it is. The entire series is designed like that.

“Consider this: If you had…

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