1.  Knowing what a REAL WORLD inquisition is like, say your a lowly farmhand in the Fereldon.  Would you run for your life and hide, or join up to smell the witches BURN?
  2. If you knew there was a womanizing crossbow wielding dwarf, with all kinds of STDs running around in your party.  Then he asks you, “Would you like to play with my crossbow?!”  What would your answer be!
  3. Guess what?! You’ve got magic!  Cast a spell!
  4. You’ve just woken up with a glowing green mark on your hand (that can save the world), and everybody’s treating you like Jesus Christ!  How you gonna handle this?
  5. Pick a class Rouge, Mage, Knight.  Why?
  6. Now that your running the Inquisition, who are you going to inquisit?  (In know not a word, but you get it.  Right?!)




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