I don’t necessarily believe that Meta reviewers shouldn’t be trusted. It’s the fact that Metacritic does nothing to filter their content!!! VERY FRUSTRATING TO READ META REVIEWS!!!

Suitably Bored

I don’t know if anyone else has notice the recent spate of “0/10” reviews on metacritic for highly popular games like Uncharted 4. Many of these accounts are one review accounts made the exact same day the game was released. Reviewing a game you haven’t played isn’t justifiable in my view. Things like metacritic are intended to be the views of people who have experienced a game, and whether the system is broken or not it’s wrong to review a game you haven’t played. In all honesty, there are some trends popping up in the gaming industry that are really disheartening, but that’s no excuse for the gaming community to resort to mob “justice” because they dislike the franchise.

Review ScoresHaving said that I don’t think Metacritic scores neither can nor should be taken seriously. There were several cases where games had terrible average users score, only because the community didn’t like something and it had…

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