Now that I’ve wrapped it up with Batman and its safe to say, I’ve moved away from Gotham City. During my few days off and over the weekend, Grace and Louie were out of town; while did the normal work thing. On my downtime, I took some time
getting into several games. For this, I’ll be doing some general impressions, as usual.

Tekken Revolution (PS3)

Many of the more powerful forward push moves have a pretty blur effect to them in this Tekken! –SOURCE

A co-worker piqued my interest into trying it out. First off, its a free play version of Tekken (Yay! Gaming with a carrot hanging in front of me!), which seems to blend Tekken Tag 2. Despite it’s limited playability, its feels a little more arcade-ish, which seemed to be a good thing. If you don’t mind playing a little bit each day, its a good, free time killer; this is one of the better FTP games out there for the Playstation.

Shovel Knight (Multi-platform)

This game is essentially an homage to many of the great NES sidescrollers.  SOURCE

Picked this lil-guy on a nice sale and I’d been waiting on this one for a while, as I’ve been seeing the buzz for several months. It’s a nice little 8-side scroller, gives nods to NES games like Super Mario Bros 3, Ducktales and Zelda II. In terms of difficulty, it’s just right if your accustomed to 8-bit classics. Otherwise, it may be a bit more on the
challenging side. Did I like it?! So far, it’s kind of “meh”, although I can see why many look at this as a gem. Personally, I’m not seeing why there was a big fanfare on being a 2015 “Game of the Year” candidate. It wasn’t Earth-shatteringly original, nor did it “wow” me. I know many guys out there that LOVE 8-bit and sell a kidney to ensure that it would be GOTY across the board. Check it out, it might be just what you’re missing!

Dragon Age: Inquisition

So far, I’ve got 35 gameplay hours into this. Ya know what, it’s shit. The story is almost non-existent, with the exception of the playable characters putting out the work on the narrative. (Yet it has such a mundane setting!) Once you get the intro, I was like “Damn! This is going to be good!” kind of feeling. Then I starting customizing my main character, like you ALWAYS do in Bioware games.

For some reason, the song “Toy Soldiers” by Martika, popped in my head.  Odd reference, I know.  –SOURCE

There were almost no options for ANY of the characters. It was like going into a third-world communist bakery. (What do you have today?! -We have butter cookies and…butter cookies.) There were seriously between 3-5 options! I’ll admit, when you play games like Fallout 4 and Saints Row 4, your gonna get spoiled by the variety. But come on!! Regardless of those things, there aren’t many ways to shine a turd, but I’m gonna try! The scenery is amazing in this game! Some areas are dynamic with crashing waves, arid deserts and rolling hills. Questing-wise there is plenty to do, with filler content GALORE! Personally, I wish I’d be able to avoid the collectibles, but it seems to be where the better gear is.

You shaw is purty!   SOURCE

Many have said that this was a middle ground between 1 and 2, I think for the exceptions of the pretty scenery, there isn’t much of an improvement here! Much of the side quests from the previous entries had dialogue, mystery and intrigue. So far, I’m not getting any signs of it here. I’m gonna soldier this one out and keep playing it until finish! Don’t get me wrong, in terms of playability, the game works fine. I’d say, if you’ve never experienced Dragon Age, play the first; it’s the best out of the three!


Picked this bad boy up for free, thanks to PS Plus. It’s a blend of many of the things that work, with a little bit of its own twist. It’s pretty much a first-person action/survival game. I love that they emphasize item management and force you,
not to be a pack mule, with an arsenal in tow. The game feels very much like a slower paced version of Dead Island. Areas are cramped, with you having to think on your feet, in order to survive. In terms of story, it slowly grows on you, but it isn’t anything new to those familiar with the dystopian/zombie apocalypse mythos. This game has its bread and butter centered on the table and I LIKE IT! Not finished with this, but I’m getting through it on a steady pace.

Some very tight and tense moments.  Believe or not, one or two of these guys could put you down, EVEN WITH a shot or two the face!! – SOURCE

Grand Theft Auto III (PS4) (PS2 Classic)

Yep, Good ol’ silent Claude! I figured I was gonna give this one a swing for nostalgia’s sake. I remember playing this on PS2, and I’ll admit it hasn’t aged like cheddar cheese; but with a fresh coat of paint, it doesn’t look bad! I didn’t remember the missions in the game, being this DIFFICULT!



I got to the third mission and died like five times, because the damn pimp would always out-gun me with his damn shotty. The material in the game is seeing its age, that’s for sure, but it still is funny! How the rain affects driving in this, is ridiculous! I thought GTA IV’s was bad! NO! It felt like I was driving on BUTTER! Imagine having to do a race in those conditions! UGH!!!!! If NEVER got into GTA and like a challenge, start with the one that made it a household name.

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