Not a serious fan of Disney games. There are a few gems out there, but apparently they realized after their failures from the Disney Infinity toys, that it wasn’t worth the investment. Also, “DOKTAC4IBBY” (the blog author) has some great reads here, in respect to news and opinions.

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I spit on your grave, Disney Infinity.

Never mind the fact that the Disney assholes shut down Toontown for piece of shit games like Club Penguin and Disney Infinity, that still isn’t the main reason why you are so terrible.

Much like Amiibo and Skylanders, you brought a cancerous model to life in the game industry, what many call physical on disc DLC and for damn good reason. If you’ve been living in a cave for the past five or so years, the physical on disc DLC model works like this. You buy a “starter pack” of this game (Usually around $20-$50) that comes with a few figures, the doohickey you need to get the thing to work and of course a copy of the game. See, this is where it gets deceptive, it makes you think you bought a whole game experience considering all the shit it comes…

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