Just so you know, there aren’t any serious spoilers that will let out during these features.  These are simply some thought provoking questions, that ANYONE can answer.

  1.  Say your Batman; whom has a strict code on NOT KILLING ANYONE.  Knowing your habits and behaviors, do you think you could truly uphold to that?  What would keep you on the path or force you to break the code.
  2. Do you live life WITHOUT FEAR?!  If so, Explain.  If not, what fears would you have to strengthen yourself in, to be FEARLESS.
  3. Your a BILLIONAIRE!!!  What are the first three things, you’d do?!  (Hopefully pay taxes!)
  4. What do you think the life of an average Gotham City citizen is like?
  5. You work for Waynetech (Bruce Wayne’s corporation), come up with an invention for Batman!
  6. You hear a knock at the door, a large package is sitting at your doorstep.  It has a green “?????” written all over them.  What do you do…what… do.. you do!  (Note, there is NO ticking or sounds coming from it.)
  7. Pick any Batman character, that best describes you.


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