This morning, I’ve decided to do a tribute several ladies, who have graced my existence. Normally, I don’t do poetry, but I’ve found thus far, that I’m NOT BAD at it.  It’s a creative process, so I’ll be spreading these out in separate posts.  So here goes.


To Maxine,

My first sight of was through the reflection, in your eyes.

Cerulean skies that gave me the courage to wonder, question and express.

Guiding my hands, you kept me off the wayward, so I could find your sandy footprints.

Generously, you gave me the Universe through Trebles and Basses, journeys which were never short of fascination.

Curiously, I stepped towards the flames, so close to immolation, but you grabbed my hand…returned me.

Anger consumed my thoughts despite the words of console.  I turned and walked out, yet you smiled.

Distant and resting upon the cradle of Neptune’s embrace, I showed no recourse or fear, as I knew you were still right here.

On the shores, that were no longer far, but familiar; I recalled that first of those skies.

Those reflections in your eyes.

I cannot find your footprints any longer.  Yet I’ll never wander, I remember the way.

These are my days now and my footprints.


To Mom.