Gotham City can rest at ease tonight, as I’ve completed the story on Arkham Knight!  Damn, this was a wild ride!  Set in the Gotham City, vice anything related to Arkham; Batman is put to the challenge once again.

Right off, the Bat, (get it?) Gotham is in its greatest crisis, as a direct result of the events that followed the game Arkham City.  The powers have shifted and several new players have walked into town and truly have the means to put Batman’s head on a spike.

Just because the baddies are coming out in exponential numbers, doesn’t mean Wayne can’t bring out the big guns.  Which is where fans got something they’ve always wanted; to drive the batmobile.   Yet driving isn’t vehicle’s primary function.  In Arkham Knight, its serves as four-way tank that works against drone vehicles and human thugs (using non-lethal weapons).  Also, what I loved was that, it becomes a multi-tool, for reaching new are, solving riddles (big shock, Riddler is in this) and transportation.

Despite the fact, that there being so much time spent using the car, eventually adapted to the new playing element.   (Although, Arkham Knight’s gadget functions were pretty overwhelming at first, with the inclusion of the batmobile)  Combat in the car wasn’t bad, yet I felt it was dumbed down, in order to keep the focus on Batman’s fighting.

Besides the emotional scarring from having your toddler watch you play Batman.  Now you gotta fork over a paycheck to keep them happy!  – SOURCE

Detail-wise, I know I’d mentioned to someone on here, about how fucking fantastic the character models were.  Some said that The Witcher and a few titles were better in terms of detail.  I’m here to say right now, that’s garbage compared to the detail here.   The models are ALMOST photorealistic, so much, that if I zoomed into faces, I could see:  blemishes, make-up imperfections, skin goosebumps, rods/cones in eyes, real muscle contortion and more.  THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!  (That goes for both the guys and girls)

It blows me away as to how photo-realistic these in-game models are! – SOURCE

Building upon that attention to detail, I noticed that the character roster felt less comic-like and more realistic and believable.  Add this with the huge boost in dialogue and environment interaction.  Rocksteady’s staff really deserves some serious praise for the OCD attention-to-detail, work they put out.

Fighting, this time around felt cramped and much more confusing.  All Arkham games had different features added to them, but this time, I felt they went too far.  Enemies now, not only have the standard stuff like guns, bats, shields and blades here.  There are ninjas teamed up with thugs, shock glove guys, medics, drone pilots, electrified thugs, giant guys w/shields and shock gloves.  (Some fights are with 15-20 guys!)  Don’t get me wrong, I like the added challenge; but there is a point where it just boggles you out of a freeflow combo, ALL THE TIME.

Along with Gotham, comes the the GCPD, which I loved, as it acts as a hub for Batman, vice the batcave.   It was so cool, to see the police station fill up with more thugs and villains, as you captured them.   (Highly recommend you check out the museum in the GCPD.)

As for the rest of the package, there are the challenges which have come back in exponential factors.  There is the Riddler trophies and his traps, which I’ll let you find those out for yourself.  Last, is the DLC, while optionally, out of your pocket; if you’re a Batman fan, it’s worth the twenty for it.  The skins are pretty cool for both the characters and the car, the additional challenges will keep you busy, and the side stories are short-n-sweet.   (I HIGHLY recommend “The Season of Infamy”) In terms, for the overall content, it’s really worth it!

Personally, I felt that the game itself was huge, all of the material fits perfectly into the setting.  (Collectables included)  Fighting was much more complex, than the previous titles; which could be blessing or curse.  I found myself fumbling midway into a battle, when medics or stun stick guys would end up being the last remaining few out of a group.  Many times, I came close to dying in fights, others, I just died period.

The cast for this game is really trying to beat Marvel Vs Capcom 2’s roster in terms of numbers.  If fans were disappointed, then nothing in life pleases you. – SOURCE

In honesty, I wouldn’t recommend this be played by someone new to the Arkham series.  As the story continues upon itself and the freeflow difficulty is much higher.  There is an easier difficulty, but the Arkham combat system has evolved so much, that it would push away most players.  I know, that if I’d not had prior experience with playing the Arkham games, I would’ve thrown the controller out the damn window.