Most gamers look at these things as simply more things that they can do in a game.  Others view it as a means to expand the game to unnecessary lengths.  When we play, many titles are littered with side quest/tasks/missions, collectables, one-dimensional characters and side stories that don’t pertain to the narrative.

I feel it’s overused, personally.  We play further to get the better gear, equipment and really try to improve our characters progression.  Years ago, this was throttled fairly well, many games balanced progression from having someone being OP’d (overpowered) and from gaining mindless junk.

Love or hate Fallout 4, how much of this was storyline-related? – SOURCE

Now we are given tasks that do help us get to where we’re going, but there seems to be so much unnecessary content.  Take “The Witcher” games; as you progress in the story, little by little, you are given access to various quests based upon your level.  Some are under you level and you can clearly see that, in the menu.

But if complete them, which can range from being pretty lengthy to a 5-minute hike, you are rewarded with paltry amounts of gold and only 1 XP; should you be well above the level.  Each title does this, why?

Getting the collectibles can be fun and enjoyable, but is now bordering on tedium.  EVERY game has them now, with the inclusion of trophies and achievements.  It pretty much become a forced feature, as all games HAVE to include a trophy/achievement set.  (Don’t get me wrong, I like trophies/achievements, for the most part)

I look at it much like eating a desert.  Was the content enjoyable, bland or just some much that ruined the dish or made it too rich?  Take this whoopee pie, for example.


The cake layers are most likely going to taste pretty good, suffice they aren’t burnt or overdone.  (If they did, you would not have an overall good quality game!  Which would ruin the experience.)  Is the filling inside, marshmallow, frosting, Kool Whip or Elmer’s glue.  Depending on those factors, is how that filler or filling is going to cater to your enjoyment.  Now that is food for thought

Filler also really needs to stop being the distraction from the true purpose of the gaming experience.  Look at Metal Gear Solid V, if you just played the story and listened to the tapes; you probably got a better experience out of it than most of us.  When I played, I searched every nook and cranny, completed every mission and compiled resources.  For what?!  Bragging rights, mostly.  (which is getting kind of old)

Some do get it right; Borderlands is a prime example.  Much of the content remains fresh, with hilarious voice-overs, level-balanced loot and multiple characters that do have unique play styles.  It was a good balance, which never felt old to me.

So, what do you guys think?  Is it getting old or do you like it?

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