Following my completion of The Witcher 3, I moved back onto Arkham Knight.  So far, I’m almost done.  But I have a few issues with the whole Arkham series and just comic adaptations….period.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m lovin’ this like Mickey D’s, and I’ll elaborate a little more on my perspective later.

The narratives in the story for comics are always the standard that these adaptations adhere to.  This bothers me, BEYOND ALL BELIEF!!!!!   Why?!  Aren’t the fans getting enough homage to their favorite characters just by making the adaptation?

First is TWEAKING; which is when movie/videogame/tv adaptations change the story to suit the audience.  Why must they only tweak it?!  Why can’t the writers just do something dramatic and just …WRITE!  I’m so tired of seeing people complain about the movies, game or show not following the “CANON” story.  Who cares?!  Really!  Okay, Okay we know that nerd rage is out there and sure, it’s as big as a Mack truck.  But here is the funny thing; I think tweaking is pissing more fans off than actually changing the story!

Take for example, this whole bitch and complaining about Marvel and Disney changing the character in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie.  They are changing the character in order to take the character in a different direction, as opposed to Batman Begins, that seems to have a similar storyline to the new movie.  (which makes sense, if you’re a writer!!!!)  However, there are the ragers out there and conspiracy theorist that are saying they’re doing this to appease the Chinese audience.

(Nerd rage!) Okay, put the guns DOWN, I mean UP, okay.  1..2……………..3, you win!


You see, the character they’re changing is Tibetan, which we all know wants nothing to do with China.  People believe that China will ban it, thus Disney & Marvel losing major cash profit from Chinese viewers.   I get it, Disney/Marvel are greedy SOBs and want to get as much as they want.  That and appeasing to the Chinese censoring, by changing your writing is pretty much like a writer becoming China’s bitch.

Whatever the case, maybe it’s like that or the companies ARE just doing it to prevent foreign censorship.  (This is the total opposite of creative writing or just creating period.)  Yet, it’s tweaking that bothers me overall.  Why can’t writers, keep the basic premise of the characters (how they got powers, supporting roles, setting and villains), but WRITE SOMETHING DIFFERENT, be BOLD and SURPRISE the audience!  How would it be, if certain characters got killed off, others changed affiliations or some made different decisions?  It would be dynamic!

Look at the Resident Evil movies, fans don’t like them as much as the games, for obvious reasons, they WERE different!  But most non-gamers liked them and if you ignore THE RAGE on metacritic, it’s a fairly good title.  This holds true for most of them.  Yet, I found that the writers kept trying to please fans and general viewers.  This is where they failed HARD.  You either do one or the other, NOT BOTH!!  The further they went in different directions, the worse these titles got!!

In Arkham Knight, they did it right!  They took the stories from the comics and took it in a different direction.  Yet, does it still have to affect the canon, if it’s different? Depends, but I think that’s up to the writers at home base, not up to the fan base, if you follow my meaning.

Perfect example of coming with something new!

Second, is OVER-EXPOSURE; which does nothing but make viewers tired of the same things fans have experienced.  Once you’ve done a trilogy of something, stop making origin stories in the productions, if they’ve already been told.  If you missed it, go watch the earlier movies; plain and simple.

Throughout the Arkham Games, it seems your always fighting a lot of repeat villains; while iconic, is repetitive and gets old.  Despite this, there were some great moments in many of the returning ones, while others just should’ve omitted from being filler content.  Batman has a vast array of characters to work with, draw from them?  Knight did this, keeping too many familiars in the game.  Sure, they were side quests, but did we need them, debatable.  (They are optional, after all)

Results from over-exposure can result in death.

Last, is PLAYING IT SAFE!  The Walking Dead, both on TV and the comics have HUGELY successful simply because they do the opposite!  Despite as to how much fans hated this recent television cliffhanger, the writers have us HOOKED!  The reason is, “NO ONE IS SAFE”, which is what the theme for the season was.  As far as we know, we could see the main protagonist be nixed!  What would happen, if it was done major characters…perminantly!  Comics do this way too much!  In fact, they abuse it to the point that fans expect dead characters to return, in some way.  Personally, I hate that!

It’s great to do fan service, do Easter eggs and references.  But catering to a certain crowd, just ends up looking like either too much editing or an excuse to be lazy with writing fiction.