After tons of dedicated time playing The Witcher 3, I’m officially done!  All of the main quest is DONE!  No more contracts, gwent or errand running.  At a later dates, I’ll make entries like I’ve been doing before.  I haven’t recently, as I’ve been trying to have a more structured system here for my posts.  That will be addressed as is!

I’m feeling for now, that weekly features will be available as I can imagine my brain processing the material so…..


Yet, I digress, let me get back on topic!

After finishing it; initially really felt let down!  As grand as the final areas were for the last battle, it seemed lackluster and not the swan song finish I was expecting!

However, here’s where everything began to make this game feel more like a living experience, than JUST A GAME.

When you are playing this, after a while, you’ll notice that you keep running into characters from the past titles.  Many of them are for the purpose of a fluid movement of the narrative, but a few are characters that were not expected to have survived the previous entries or their fate was left in question.  While playing, you are given the chance to give those characters full closure.

Here’s the kicker, the ending of the The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt



Yeah!!!!  Now, what do you think of that?!  By end game many of you will feel as hollow as a chocolate Easter bunny!!  But think about it!  Did you have any unanswered questions about what happened to whom?

If you did, then you probably had them nixed from your choices you made in Vizima following the end of the first chapter.  (Which was essentially there for the non-PC players that couldn’t migrate their saves or were new to the series)

Despite that, I’d say this game was as fantastic as Red Dead Redemption!  (In terms, of everything as a whole!  RDR is a masterpiece in its own explanation!)

Geralt’s finale has my highest recommendation, should you pick it up!  However, a neat little tip, avoid the under-leveled quests, I found them to be 8/10 a waste of time!  With the exception of, the character related ones, they’re worth your time.

For now, I’m off to take a little break for the next few days and will post some shares, videos and such to keep you guys entertained!


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