As a regular post, I’ll be featuring video game fan artists, as well as other artists I find that are pretty awesome out there.  A distinct selection of their works are featured for your enjoyment, please know that all of these works were allowed to be posted, with their consent.

Please take the time, to enjoy their works; be sure to stop by their page if you’re interested and show your support for their talents.

Today, we have Jiggah, who focuses on fighting games and anything Capcom related.  From what you can see, there is an homage to many arcade games and just about every fighter known to man.

He’s so badass!  Shame he doesn’t realize, that the moon is about crash into the Earth! – SOURCE


(Frank on Day 7 in overtime) – I’ve over 53,5oo zombies!      Only 94 to go!  *Looks at you*  Hey, you okay buddy?!        Looks like your coming down with something!!    SOURCE 
Arther: I HAVE THE POW- *ahem* sword Excalibur.  – SOURCE
Foot beats shield!  So?!  Sword beat FACE!  *Batman dies*  SOURCE
Bet you can’t figure out what game he’s from!  *HINT* Sega CD – SOURCE