Today, we’re gonna talk about Hayabusa!

Damn!!  You shaw is pretty!  – SOURCE

OK, not that one!


Sorry, bike enthusiasts, I’m not a rider, nor will you ever see me get a crotch rocket.   Despite the fact that my has promised me many long nights, in the bed if I did so.

Ryu Hayabusa, has been for a long time a fan favorite of those who’ve followed the series Ninja Gaiden.  Back in the NES days, this dude was the naive wall bouncing kid who seemed to be always getting played by the bad guys!  Shit, the first time, he saw Irene with those long creamy legs, blue eyes and blond hair.  He was DUUUURRRRRRRRRR…..

I don’t care what I gotta do, as long I get to look at you ALL THE TIME.   – SOURCE

Sufficed to say, shit happens and he ends up disappointed in more ways than one.  After much running, jumping, dodging fucking avian creatures and punching Jason Vorhees in the face.  He ends up whooping the demons ass, the bad guys asses and his own ass.  (Huh?!)  Which is a LOT of ass-kicking!

FYI – This was held in Lewisboro, New York – #1 safest town in America  – SOURCE

Regardless, poor Ryu isn’t given the greatest send off by the end of the NES days.  Years later, we don’t see him until Tecmo thought they’d figured out the physics of boobs.   Here, Ryu becomes a protector of his clan, by looking out for his lady-friend ninja girls. Otherwise, he just kicking ass and taking names in Dead or Alive, while dodging fist, feet and big breasts from knocking him out!

Tecmo finally took Ryu serious again and gave him his own show again!  No bullshit was pulled from Ryu.  Gone was ability to be wrapped around every girl finger.  Instead, he ends pulling the strings and has them doing work FOR HIM.

Tecmo you’ve got problems!  –  SOURCE

This Ninpo carryin’, Dragon sword weildin’, bad muthaf*cka doesn’t play.  Ninja clans, evil organizations and the demons never stood a chance.  Throughout the second Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, he takes on some of the hardest boss fights in gaming.   I’m not shitting you here…You want a challenge, play them on anything more than Normal…you’ll see!

Here are some nice demos of why he’s the most bad ass ninja, period.

Sayonara, bad guys!!!!


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