Many years ago, my brother had scrounged money up to buy a Playstation ONE from his paycheck at work.  At that time, he bought three games for it.  Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Battle Arena Toshinden and X-COM: UFO Defense.

At the time, the only game I was able to play was Battle Arena with him, because it was two player.  But the others, he didn’t want me watching him play them. After all older brothers don’t want their younger brothers always hanging out with them.  That didn’t stop me, and one day he let me sit down and watch him play X-COM and the other game.

Truly Profound!!!    – Source

The first I saw on the game was a polygonal globe of Earth, which was pretty unimpressive to me.  Next he clicked on a blue dot and named this dot to his choosing.  The blue dot turned out to be a base, of which was given the ability to expand, hire personnel, manufacture equipment, buy supplies, house and launch aircraft, detect UFO’s and equip soldiers.  Clearly, there was more to this game than a boring-ass view of Earth.

OCD people will feel right at home here, because squares just make everything feel much more organized.    – Source

Then came the UFO’s, which I watched him get into engagements that showed fluorescent green blips and a radar inspired by the movie Aliens.  Once it was over, the UFO was down and I’d thought that was it.  But as know, if you’ve played the remake, there about to be some serious extraterrestrial investigation coming up.  And this where we’re going to flash forward to what we know today about X-COM.

     Oldie but Goodie!!  Tony, we know your still The Boss!      Source

Here is where this game really differs from the remake and original.  Sure, you get the squad of rookies, the base equipment and such.  Instead of being spawned in a magical exit square, you’re all packed into your ship.  Once you take those first few moves and will decide either if you live or die.  X-COM – Enemy Unknown (2012) does not do this!  Everything is focused on a cover system, that is cool and works for the game itself; but removes the tension and fear of the X-COM of old.

Cadet Bryant either needs to unload his clip on these saucer-scumbags, or he’s gonna be a pile of goo!  – Source


The original features motherships actually invading your homebase:  Mind Blown  –Source

The X-COM made 18 YEARS prior to its modernization is a FAR better experience than its successor!  UFO Defense had the creepy X-Files like music accompanied to the tense, terrifying feeling that you get, when you are outnumbered and failure may come through just a few wrong moves.

The original was so fantastic due to the fact, that it was completely randomized, unscripted and left the fate of your team always dependent on HOW the mission went.  If you’ve played the newer versions, they are GOOD.  But if you want a true challenge, then you must go back and find a copy of X-COM.   HERE IS LINK FOR IT ON STEAM!

Just remember, death is permanent and look on the bright side…..


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