Should this man be guilty of this horrible, disgusting act!   He never should’ve been blessed with a woman to love him and children to grace his life.  Normally, I’m even tempered and not like this, but this is a shame to all the fathers out there that work so fucking hard to keep a great reputation as good fathers.

We love are children no matter how much they cry, yell back at us and test our patience!  But NOTHING, SHOULD EVER COME TO WHAT THIS MAN may have done!

Dude, if they find you guilty, all I can say is, prison is too good for you!  Redemption is not in your future, sir!  You will be judged appropriately beyond this life, and I pray that what they say is not the truth and this child did not die, BY YOUR HANDS and by an true unavoidable accident!

But life isn’t like that, there are men who were never suited to have to children, but were given them.  Men that are still boys inside, regardless of their age.  Some were never given the guidance and became only a cycle of violence, that society does not need nor wants.  Life deals us hands and I can attest that not everyone receives a turn in the right direction.

Honestly, just thinking about what has happened here goes beyond my thought process. This sickens me beyond all belief!!!  Something like this goes beyond all I can comprehend!

Yet there are SO MANY that are NEVER graced with a child’s smile, the once in a lifetime laughter, the unforgettable hug, that little thing gives to you, in the strongest squeeze they can muster.  Regardless of how you are judged, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THAT AGAIN!!  It’s gone, YOU THREW IT AWAY!