**Minor Spoiler for Castlevania SOTN**

As one of my features for Wednesdays, I’ll talk about we hate the most; GRINDING spots, the HARD BOSSES and points that had me restart, reload and game over A LOT!

Once I’d figured out the trick to Grand Clock in the Marble Gallery, by using the stopwatch. Climbing up into what’d I thought would just be a secret room.  Turned out to be a whole new area.

Olrox’s Quarters – In the background, there was an awesome drawback of the full moon, accompanied by a fountain with flowing water that eventually turns to blood.  Many of the side rooms, had prison cells with cursed prisoners, that couldn’t hurt you, but were an awesome touch to the area.  All of this, was backed-up by the grandiose music going on, while fighting the baddies!

Alucard:  This fountain, makes me, sooooooo thirsty

Many of the rooms had some newer enemies that had killed me a couple times.    I remember getting one trying to rush through each room, only to get stomped by the haunted knights or the ghost horsemen.  Those guys chomped some serious damage on me and fortunately, I managed to get to a save point before the boss, Olrox himself.

As the exits sealed off, I wasn’t attacked immediately.  Instead, I was greeted by the vampire in elaborate purple garb, with a table separating us.  As he stood up from the his large dining chair, the formalities end and the fight ensued.  Much like my character, Alucard, this vampire was powerful!

This guy had more purple than, Prince’s wardrobe!

Teleporting immediately he threw out large magic blasts from both the his hands and from the floor; he never let up.  This guy probably killed me about 3 times in his true form, before I realized he was weak to holy.  On my fourth try, he went down, but wasn’t finished.  He hunched and grew into a monster, about 5 times his original size, almost filling the room.

This fight went on, and on, with him, never showing signs of letting up.  After multiple other retries and deaths from his hand, I beat his ass with nearly a sliver of my life left. Holy hell, did this guy die in style!  It was so cool, that it makes me want to go back and fight him again!

Ha!  Ya missed me!  *flames flareup in Alucard’s face* Fuck!  *Death Gurgle*


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