This is what Louie has told me recently!  Which I’ve kind of been trying to take up more responsibility with chores and making sure, I’m keeping the house clean.  Time and again, she’d tell me, cleaning is a turn-on for women!  WHAT?! HUH?!


Regardless, I’ve been making some changes in my habits, in order to get the dishes done, without them piling up.

That guy in the background?  NOT ME!  SOURCE

Also, I’ve noticed that Louie been tired as hell most nights, so I figured, that if I take the reigns on putting Grace to bed at night it would help.  I’m enjoying it more with each day!  Just so long as she is fooling around until way past her bedtime!

One of my old frustrations with the process was, that I didn’t know how coordinate or plan on how each night went.  For a long time, we would have routines, but it never seemed to work.  There would always be one of us that would be too overwhelmed with work, stress, handling too much of the housework, addressing all of our bills.  And it never seemed to work out.

Recently, I’ve been realizing that PROCRASTINATION has been our enemy! Which has led us down a path where we were not coordinating cleaning, routines and just flying by each day.    After we had discussed this, by really taking the time to figure out a plan, guess what?!  IT WORKED!  So far, things are getting better!  BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE NEED IS….CONSISTENCY!  This means, constant coordination, I didn’t realize until now, that it’s a cornerstone to a solid marriage!

Ya see, now that I GET IT!  I’M GETTING IT…A LOT!




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