As a new feature for Tuesday, I’ll be going over things seen in video games of the past and current.  Things that WERE great, should be added or just plain taken out of games.  The purpose of this is purely thought provoking and I hope you enjoy it!

Back in the day, pen and paper games ruled the terms “leveling” and gaining “experience”.  Once games caught onto how “rad” this concept was, fantasy games began featuring them on a standard basis.  Which is ultimately where the modern-day fantasy RPG (Role-playing game) came in.

Ahhhhh….the memories!     CRED

Both of these concepts gave new depths to the games we played, by allowing new abilities and tweaks to the gameplay, through progression.  Which is great, as you get to truly see your characters grow as you play.  What made it great then, was that every action you performed was tracked numerically and you were able to be aware of any character progression.

In RPG games, it worked so damn well, that everyone wanted to get onto the xp and level-up bandwagon.  Why not?  Leveling up, getting loads of experience and reaching greater heights in progression can be addictive.  It is, REALLY addictive and pretty fuckin’ fun.  But at what rate has it become too much?  Why does it have to be included in the development of a title?  But is this the addiction talking?

Borderlands, CoD, Battlefield, Dynasty Warriors, Online Fighting games, Far Cry, the list goes on.  There aren’t many  current non-RPG AAA games that carry some sort of XP system.  Is it really necessary?!  Do we HAVE to get the endless progression points to be able to really get joy out of our gameplay?

Dew check….Doritos…check.  Rinse/Repeat 100 times.  DIABETES                  CREDIT

Personally, I feel it’s saturated beyond belief, it doesn’t need to be trashed from triple AAA games.  It just needs to be executed well!!

Rachet & Clank is a perfect example of the blend.  The game is all about blowing shit up, and that objective NEVER changes!  Gaining levels gives you not just more powerful guns, it evolves them!  Which feels nice and rewarding!

Honestly, you have Call of Duty, Battlefield and all other shooters, that reward you xp for everything.  It’s one thing, to make a headshot from 200+ meters, but simply killing people is just a way to make shit addictive.  However, one thing I did love were the side objectives, like say killing 3 in a row with a knife; that’s cool and requires a little skill.    The little tasks are just gameplay, which

What can I say, earning XP here felt like an accomplishment!!  – CREDIT

What I’m getting at is, that we need to stop chasing numbers and grinding.  WE ALL HATE GRINDING!  But gaining XP for everything, jumping through hoops to gain a level or two, just isn’t worth it people.

There games that would be nothing if you took away the grind from them.  Would you miss them? Truly?

We all grind not because we want to, but because we have to, in order to progress.

What does that statement remind you of….

Yup…     CREDIT

Games aren’t work, they’re entertainment!