On Sundays now, I’ll be doing as a feature for this day, introducing you to a character that some of you may or may not be familiar with, in videogames.  You won’t see any of the big shots here, that is unless I decide to do something unique with them.  To be honest, Link, Mario, Sonic, Cloud and Ryu are just too much of a household name.  I thought, maybe I’d intro you guys to characters that may provoke to try out their title or at least go look em’ up.


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Tony Ciprioni, known from the Grand Theft Auto series, main protagonist in GTA Liberty City Stories.

Deeply rooted in the Liberty City Italian mafia, Tony is originally introduced to us through the eyes of Claude.

God, I love Liberty City, it’s a place where I feel totally comfortable brandishing my AK-47

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Here, he’s the guy you take jobs from as Claude is making friends with the Italians, in order to get back Catalina, the betraying bitch that left Claude for dead during a bank heist.

Here is where we learn, that the tough-guy Italian Lieutenant is actually a mama’s boy who doesn’t know to put his foot down.  (I get it, respect for your elders and all, but we all have our limits)  But after you’ve finished your missions with him, that’s the last we hear of Tony.

That is, until the game Liberty City Stories is released on the PSP.  (I’d get into how this game wowed me, when I played this on the handheld, to say the least; it was a good experience.)

Okay, we ALL know that if you see an ice cream truck roll around your neighborhood.  They are NOT just selling ice cream! – IMAGE CREDIT

Here, we learn about Tony’s story BEFORE GTA III, when he comes home to Liberty City.  This is where we learn that he establishes his position in the mafia, makes his political connections and gets himself in more than enough trouble.


Right off the bat, you find out that Tony is a hot-head, but he’s a likable one.  Honestly, this guy really has to get his feet wet and finds himself in a bad situation with the Don’s girl.  From having to ice one of friends in a fine Italian suit to having to fend off a ship FULL of chainsaw wielding maniacs.  Tony’s had it rough…let’s not forget that his mom even put out a hit on him!

Don’t worry!  This won’t hurt a bit!!  –  IMAGE CRED (Japanese)

Playing as him was fun, both the guys who voiced him in both games do a great job of making him a him a more malleable mafioso than others.  Having another run through the PS2’s Liberty City was great and I had fun experiencing his character throughout the game.

Overall, I felt bad for the guy as, he’s made out to be a terrible son.  Whose got to constantly prove himself to his mom, the Don and to the woman who won’t just leave him alone!  The guy literally kills for those around him and I kind of pity that.  If this was reality, would I, NO!  Let’s be honest, Tony may have been trying to hard, but at least he did it HIS WAY!